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RSC Automotive Repair Center LLC

Serving San Clemente, CA Since 2012

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RSC Automotive Repair Center LLC

Quality you Can Trust, at a Fair Price!

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RSC Automotive Repair Center LLC

San Clemente's Top Choice for Auto Repair

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RSC Automotive Repair Center LLC

Serving San Clemente, CA since 2012

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best automotive service and repair experience possible by serving our customers with unparalleled honesty, integrity and quality.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Brandon Mueller

Every time I bring a vehicle for service to RSC, they always treat the repairs as if it was their own vehicle. That goes a long way. I feel that they want what's best for my vehicle, AND my wallet. It's refreshing. Manny and Stephen are always eager to help. Couldn't ask for more from a friendly, local mechanic!

Chris Evans VEGAS

you can tell a lot by a shop by seeing how clean and presentable the mechanics are and their workspace. this garage is very clean and workspaces are also I give this garage a thumbs up

J Vil

Very pleased with the thoroughness and punctuality of everyone involved with the servicing of my vehicle.

Joe & Hege Nguyen

Had my Audi Q7 serviced here for the second time now, and the entire experience, once again, was PHENOMENAL!!! (have previously brought in our Mini Cooper, too) The staff couldn't be more FRIENDLY and helpful. RSC is a rare gem in today's business world - and they SHINE with integrity, professionalism and honest dealings. They clearly respect and care about people - and put a lot of pride in their work. We are so grateful to have found them - and will never go elsewhere as long as they are around!! Thank you, RSC!!! You make having the cars serviced a pleasure! (Who knew that was possible?!! :)

Kane Johnson

I have been getting my 2001 Tundra serviced here for 6 years now. The truck is the best vehicle I have owned, and with its age and higher miles, it is important that I have mechanics that I can trust. Everyone at RSC performs excellent work. They are detailed, they are honest, they are not pushy, and they welcome questions about repairs and vehicle maintenance. I have a had a couple of repairs done where the parts fail and they have had no problem replacing and repairing under warranty at no cost. I feel important as a customer and I feel welcomed every time I show up. I also see that with all the other customers that bring their car in for service. All in all RSC is top notch and have my loyalty from here on out.

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